Diagnose is a portable vector editor designed for drawing various types of diagrams. In essence, it supports features common for this type of application, i.e., it allows to draw lines, arrows, rectangles, polygons, it allows to group them together, and so on. Moreover, and this is important, it allows to include snippets of the LaTeX code into the diagram! This means, you can use LaTeX to typeset formulas, paragraphs of text, etc.



You can get the latest version (binaries and sources) from the SourceForge.



Project status

The released version of the project can be seen as an alpha release. However, since the project is based on the source code of the stable and mature program, all features should work as expected. Nevertheless, I have incorporated many changes towards the better performance and more convenient user interface, and thus, there may be still some bugs. I am also expecting to include some new features in the near future and very likely this will affect format of the file.


The project is available under the terms of the MIT license.

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